Hall – Information For Hirers

This practical information is to assist you while hiring the Hall, but does not in any way replace or amend the STANDARD CONDITIONS OF HIRE.
A PLAN OF THE HALL is provided on the Notice Board and you should ensure that all of your attendees (including musicians/caterers etc.) are made aware of the layout and of the safety devices included in the Hall.
As Hirer, you are responsible for all aspects of the hire of the Hall, including any damage, loss or injury during your hire of the Hall.

The keys to the Hall will be available from the Booking Secretary at the commencement of the hiring period. You are responsible for the safekeeping of the locks and keys and please be aware that lost locks or keys could result in a significant cost to you as hirer as locks would need to be replaced and new keys provided to all current key holders.

The maximum capacity of the Hall is 200 persons for dancing and 230 persons when seated for lectures discussions etc.

In accordance with current legislation, the Hall is a complete NO SMOKING building.
There is a First Aid box in the kitchen to deal with any minor injuries that may occur. Please advise the Booking Secretary if any items are used, so they can be replaced.

In the event of a FIRE, the FIRE ALARM should be sounded (see BREAK GLASS FIRE POINTS on the PLAN of the Hall.). The Hall should be evacuated in an orderly manner through the designated FIRE EXITS and the FIRE BRIGADE called. On exit all doors should be closed provided that this can be done without danger to evacuees. At the ASSEMBLY POINT (in the Car Park) you must check that all persons attending the event have been accounted for.

The heating controls are pre-set and cannot be changed by the Hirer. The cooling fan switches are located as shown on the PLAN and it is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the fans are switched off at the end of the hire period. Light switches are as shown on the PLAN and all lights must be switched off at the end of the hire period.

The Hall has no telephone, so in emergencies your mobile phone should be used.

Please take as much care of the Hall as you would your own home. Do not drag chairs or tables across the floor. Only use Blu-Tack or similar to temporarily affix things to the walls/other surfaces, not drawing pins or sellotape.

Please leave the Hall and surroundings in a clean and tidy state and remove all litter and other waste items. The Hall has limited waste storage (in the Kitchen area) so wherever possible all waste should be taken away with you. Under no circumstances leave food waste in the Hall other than in the waste bins.
Please Note that when using outside caterers all their waste/rubbish must be taken away and not put in the outside bin.

The Hall must be made secure. It is your responsibility as Hirer to check that all windows are closed and all external doors firmly closed and locked. The Hall keys must be returned immediately to the Booking Secretary unless arrangements have been made to leave the keys at the Hall by posting them through the letter box in the external door to the Kitchen area.

The Car Park around the Hall is a public one owned by West Winch Parish Council and can accommodate a large number of cars parked correctly in the marked spaces. The spaces clearly marked for disabled use should only be used by such individuals with their badges being clearly displayed.

Please ask all participants to leave quietly at the end of the hiring and have consideration for local residents.

We hope that you will enjoy the function for which you are hiring the Hall. Any faults, damage or injury should be reported immediately to either the Booking Secretary or to a member of the West Winch Village Hall Management Committee, whose names and contact details are shown on the Notice Board.
The Committee also welcomes any comments or observations that you might have about your hire of the Hall.